Athletic Lockers

Provide athletes with a custom locker room to call home in between practices and games.

The locker room is the hub of activity. The place where athletes spend their prep time, downtime, and everything in between the final event. With lockers, ensure that they are functional. HAMILTON has a large selection of lockers and locks, making it easy to find the right one for you. Provide athletes with a place they can call home. With comfort and style, we can outfit an entire locker room based on your needs.

Customized Solutions for Team Pride

We also provide custom modular casework to transform your locker room into something suitable for collegiate recruitment. Combine casework and lockers to create the ideal locker room for your athletes.

HAMILTON can assist you in designing a storage solution to fit your space requirements for any sport, ensuring that your locker room accurately represents your program. 

Down to the Small Details of the Locker Room

When it comes to casework, we don’t compromise on design. Show off team pride with bold laminates or incorporate logos, names, or other graphics into the design. With the ability to embed graphics into the laminate, the durability of the casework can easily withhold day-to-day wear and tear. 

We have a variety of materials to choose from to make your vision come to life. Speak to a specialist today to get all your questions answered. 

Customize the Inside of the Locker:

  • USB Charging Capabilities
  • Hooks for hanging
  • Nets for small storage
  • Variety of locks from wired to wireless

Athletic Locker Gallery