Redefine the Use of Space
Throughout the Entire Office

According to Gensler's Workplace Survey 2019:

Looking for a better-performing business? According to Gensler’s 2019 Workplace Survey, it makes sense to address workplace effectiveness and workplace experience together to optimize business performance — they’re tightly linked.

The Most Important Attributes of Best Workplaces:

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Promote Team Building and Collaboration

Optimal workplaces deliver a variety of spaces — ones for privacy and focus as well as connection, collaboration, and innovation.

We've UPDATED Our Workplace Transformation Brochure

The pandemic has taught us that work can happen anywhere, but how do we keep employees coming back to the office? We explore this and much more in this extensive workplace brochure.

Target workplace investment on the amenities that deliver the highest impact. Those that directly support work process have most value.

Not all amenities are worth the investment.

As you can imagine, not all amenities lead to happier employees and increased productivity. So, we recommend focusing your investment on the ones that deliver the highest impact — the ones that directly support the work process.

The #1 Highest Impact: Innovation Hubs

New ideas, products, and strategies need to be nurtured — and workplace innovation hubs can serve as springboards for transforming thought and creating new ways to solve challenges.

The #2 Highest Impact: Makerspaces

If your company is built on the values of discovery and experimentation, a makerspace is a great way to ensure employees have a place to go to generate ideas, dive into new technologies, and have the freedom to explore in a work environment.

The #3 Highest Impact: Quiet Zones / Library

Have you ever thought of quiet as a perk? Truth is, all of us — introvert or extrovert — have the need for a quiet place to focus on a project. Creating zones — or library-type spaces where disruptions are minimized — is the key to happier, and ultimately more productive, employees.

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Employees Prefer a Variety of Workspaces
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Employees Prefer a Choice of Where to Work

There’s no shortage of terms for these workplace design trends — “The New Working,” “Smart Working,” and “Activity-Based Working.” And then there’s “Agile Working,” which allows employees to complete work when and where they desire, so long as it gets completed on time.

People-First Design has to be a Standard Practice

No matter what you call it — people-first design is at the center of these workplace trends. And, in order to truly deliver on the requirements of today’s workplace, you need a partner that understands the need for a nimble and configurable workspace.

That’s HAMILTON. We live and breathe modular solutions — solutions that are easily customizable depending on your needs. We have a network of reliable partners that have supported, installed, and managed hundreds of projects.

Custom doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve got the expertise, experience, and understanding of trends to help you with your next workplace storage project.