Work Centers: Help your employees spread out and get work done.

Sometimes, your employees require a place where they can stretch out and get comfortable with what they’re working on. This requires an agile space where surfaces can serve multiple purposes. 

Our work center solutions are infinitely customizable and modular — making sure your teams have the environment they need to get specialized work done.

Design Considerations

The versatility of our casework solutions shines in work and copy center applications. Optimal heights of workstations, locked storage for expensive supplies or open storage for often-accessed materials, and cabinet shelves for printers and other needs — these are the types of applications we think about when it comes to design.

Construction Considerations

We can also build custom units based on your application — work tables with storage and alternative surfaces for tacking up fabrics or mock-ups, free standing closets with personalized interior storage, and satellite workspaces that need to be available for a variety of functions.

Creating Custom Island Work Centers

Designing for an Innovative Multi-Purpose Storage & Furniture Application

When it came time to design their corporate headquarters, a textile company wanted to design the building’s interior to be functional for the many design projects their teams tackle on a daily basis. At the same time, they also knew it needed to look modern and clean for the clients and collaborators that would be taken through the company’s offices and design rooms. 

We worked with the company to design closets with a variety of shelf sizes and sliding doors. These doors were covered with tackable panels, which was perfect for putting up photos, drawings, and fabric samples for a particular project or collaboration.