Your agile workplace — built to work for you.

Storage. It’s something that’s always seemed fixed — until now. With our modular, component-centric, plug-and-play approach, creating a workplace that makes productivity possible is closer than you think.

It’s possible because HAMILTON has history and experience with modular casework. Because of our knowledge, what’s typically thought of as custom is simply our standard. We understand the needs and desires of today’s people-first spaces — and we work with you to create a design to match.


A Look into How the Office Still Plays an Important Role Amidst the ‘Work From Anywhere’ Movement

The office can be a curator of community — something that’s hard to replicate from the comfort of home. It’s a space that promotes a feeling of togetherness and fosters collaboration. 

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Hybrid Work

Make sure your workspace is equipped for the hybrid work model. Learn about all of the solutions for the agile workplace and how smart technology is your key to success.

Hamilton Laminate Lockers

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Workplace Trends

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Creative Workplace :
People-First Space Design

Our modular, component-centric designed helped bring to life this modular commercial structure. This collapsible satellite branch in a cube allows for a fully functioning office branch, from an office, to a teller line and even the integration of the ITM, check-writing desk and vault all right within a company’s headquarters. 

The partnership and design, allows for the ultimate people-first, bank-at-work program.

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Agile Lockers

Workplace Lockers

The best lockers are more than lockers — providing the needed safe, personal storage in today’s activity-based work environments and providing seating, storage, and a way to divide space.

Workplace Walls

Walls were meant to be moved. With our ModWalls solution, walls, dividers, and partitions can be configured and adapted to meet the needs of your business — and your team.

Modular Walls

Modular Work Centers

Workplace Islands & Work Centers

You never know when — and where — you’ll need to collaborate. Our custom islands and work centers are built with this in mind, meaning you have functional storage, a quick-change solution, and aesthetic appeal all in one.

Featured Solutions


Reception Desks

First impressions are everything. Create the right one with a modular approach that comes in a variety of aesthetics — solid-surface and casework.

Hamilton Wall Partition

Recycling & Trash Centers

Keeping your office clean is essential. Make it easy for employees to dispose of their waste — and keep things tidy at the same time — by checking out our recycling and trash solutions.

Hamilton Agile Pantry

Pantry Spaces

Our agile pantry designs have an ample amount of storage for food and drink needs, islands for lunchtime collaboration or morning brainstorming — with coffee, of course.

Workplace Trends: Neighborhooding

In the always-changing workplace, the perks employees want are actually pretty simple — they want increased flexibility, more autonomy, and the ability to choose where they work.

They also want the right spaces for all of the different ways they work throughout the course of a day— quiet spaces for intense tasks, collaborative spaces for brainstorming, conference spaces for hosting clients or guests. This is called activity-based working, or neighborhooding.

Rather than seeing space as static, we see the need for flexible, nimble and adaptable spaces that align with the needs of your employees — spaces that foster engagement, inspire innovation, and drive productivity.

Neighborhooding Ideas

Activity-based working is a work style that allows employees to choose from a variety of settings according to the nature of what they are doing, combined with a workplace experience that empowers them to use those spaces throughout the day. The idea is that employees will be more productive when they have the right spaces for the tasks they need to accomplish.

Creating the right spaces for the right tasks...

Adaptive Locker Walls

Why plan the usual rectangular wall of lockers when you could take advantage of different heights and configurations to create a new focal point in your office?

Interested in a different configuration?

These standard-sized lockers can be customized with different finishes and colors — providing a fresh take on locker storage and safely storing your employees’ belongings at the same time. In the configuration above, the different heights could frame a piece of artwork above — or a key piece of branding signage for your company. 

Sample Configuration includes:

  • 6 columns with 4-high openings
  • 2 columns with 3-high openings
  • 6 columns with 2-high openings

Configuration Total: 40 locker openings

Pantry Wall

The workplace kitchen has become more than a place to warm up your food or grab a quick coffee — it’s another space to meet for an impromptu stand-up or have a lunch meeting when the conference room is already booked. 

Our modular casework can infuse your lunchroom with a dose of function and flexibility. This configuration is one of the many possibilities — incorporate overhead storage, plumbing, solid-surface countertops, and an island space for collaboration — and you’ve got your modern version of the water cooler.

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Workplace Modular Walls

Create a division of space in your open office with the Modular Walls. Modular Walls has practically endless configurations to create the space and experience that you need and want.

Learn more about Modular Walls

There’s no shortage of configurations — this one above uses many of our standard components — lockers in a variety of sizes and modular casework cabinetry and shelves — to create a pass-through doorway on one side and the option of a TV or whiteboard display on the other.

  • Standard multiple sized lockers
  • Open, pass-through doorway for people to move from one space to the next
  • Option of a TV Display, Whiteboard Wall or Open, pass-through window
  • Modular casework cabinetry and shelves.

Custom doesn't have to be complicated

Our standard casework solutions give you the foundation you need to create the ideal spaces and places for employees. We believe when you have the right building blocks, custom isn’t so complex.

Want to learn more about how to create a custom space out of our standard pieces? Drop us a line about your latest project.