Smart Lockers: Return to the Workplace

Navigating the challenges as we slowly begin to return to work post covid-19 pandemic.

Agile Workspaces Require Agile Lockers

Agile work environments improve efficiency and maximize office space. The concept allows people to freely move around the office instead of staying anchored to their specific area. Agile seating is a natural replacement for assigned seating because employees are able to interact with the workplace on their own terms. 

Agile workplaces enhance creativity by introducing endless workspace configurations. For example, a conference room is no longer the only place to collaborate. With agile workplaces, a wide variety of areas can be used for collaborating. Employees can work in a breakout space, split up into teams that work over a bench-style workspace, and so on. Work follows people – so any configuration can be an optimal workspace.

Assigned & Unassigned Lockers

Unassigned Office Lockers

Reserve a desk through your app as well as any locker of your choosing. Don’t be confined to the same locker everyday – with unassigned lockers choose the best locker for you at any given time. The notion of hybrid working means employees will be in and out of the office at varying and unpredictable times. Give them the ability to choose where to store personal items for their specific needs that day.

Laminate Smart Lockers

Assigned Workplace Lockers

Assigned, personal storage is important for the employees that are in the office on a regular basis. They can confidently come into the office knowing they have their own locker. This also limits the number of unique touches on each locker, providing employees reassurance knowing they are the only one using that specific locker.

Office Visitor Lockers

It’s important to have a place for your visitors to store their personal items. With our smart locker technology, these lockers know when they need cleaning. Once a locker is used it can automatically disable itself. After the locker is cleaned, it will be open to use again. Accommodate everyone coming into the office without worrying about high contact areas.

Smart RFID Lockers

Flexibility of Lockers

Agile Lockers or Hybrid Workforce Lockers

The pandemic has pushed digital workspace technologies from ‘nice-to-haves’ to ‘must-haves’. Smart workplaces create new ways of working and improve workplace efficiency. Instead of offices being just a place to report to everyday, they will become corporate centers that ignite innovation and connection. 

Most likely, employees will not have assigned desks going forward, which will require a place to store personal belongings. Our system allows employees to reserve lockers via the app – giving them the flexibility to choose locker size, location and the duration of time.

Collaboration and Socialization

A space that offers collaboration and socialization will become the most important piece of determining new office configurations.

Custom Work Islands

We know that post covid-19 workspaces will be different but collaboration and socializing should not be hindered by this change. By introducing our custom work islands, it not only offers convenient storage, but it also creates spaces for quick stand-ups. Creating centralized locations that encourage collaboration will spur innovation across the workforce.

Our custom islands are built to your specific needs which means it is built to work for you. The islands can be designed to match your company’s already existing aesthetic and once in place, the work islands can still be relocated. 

Locker Walls

Our modular walls are ideal for offices that have limited space and need multi-functional solutions. With the option to combine lockers, cabinets and shelving there are endless configurations that you can create. Modular walls are not limited to just storage – add a whiteboard, TV or use as a space divider. These multipurpose walls will improve workflow and be a center for collaboration and creativity. 


Clean Touchless Lockers

We need to start paying attention to the amount of touches, the cleanability, the technology and ability to integrate smart lockers into the overall office experience.


Our smart lockers are easily cleaned with no locks hanging off the front of the doors and the choice of our smart materials that have antimicrobial properties. The smart locker system notifies you which lockers have been in use, so with a click of a button you can open all the used lockers and not have to worry about cleaning extra. Ensuring that the office will be a safe and healthy environment when reopened, will give your employees the confidence to return back to the office. 

Smart Lockers for Exchange of Goods

Incorporate exchange of goods lockers into the same locker banks that you use for personal storage. You can use this for IT breaks and fixes as well as other workplace items. It is important to have the flexibility of smart lockers as we continue to learn and adapt upon returning to work. 

Casework Laminate

Workplace Lockers

Dig deeper into our return to work solutions with this two pager download. We understand that these solutions will be crucial to having a safer and more efficient workspace after the pandemic. 

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