University Laminate Lockers

Forget about sign-up sheets — getting into a locker has just gotten a whole lot easier.

By offering smart storage across campus, students, faculty, and visitors have the option of accessing a locker whenever they need one. Whether the lockers are offered as a free amenity or for rent, that’s up to you. Both day-use for storage of personal belongings and pick-up for the exchange of goods have become popular use cases for universities across the country. Anyone with the proper credentials can open a locker using a smartphone or student ID.

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Customized Solutions for Your Campus

  • Provide free lockers or rental lockers to students for the day, semester, or for a specific class — whenever and wherever needed across the campus.

  • During a recruitment visit, provide free locker access around campus. 
  • Charge a fee for locker usage during game-day weekends, commencement, performances, and other events.
  • Provide lockers for borrowing, returning, or purchasing items so that students and faculty can avoid long lines and retrieve items when it is convenient for them.

University Rental Lockers

The current system involves sign-up sheets that make it difficult to keep track of users, students have to provide their own locks, and administrators end up cutting off padlocks at the end of the semester. Our smart locker rental system alleviates all of the friction making it a seamless experience for both administrators and users.

Advantages of Rental Lockers:

  • Flexible revenue stream
  • Hands-off lockers
  • User-friendly (students, faculty, visitors)
  • Real-time data

Mobile Credentials

Accessing a locker, like any other campus interaction, must be simple, straightforward, and mobile-friendly for today’s students. Adding student ID cards to Apple Wallet is just one example of how mobile credentials can help in the effort of evolving to a connected campus. It helps universities save money while giving students more options and making campus life easier.

Lockers Across Campus

Give students, visitors, and faculty the option to use lockers across campus, whether for personal belongings or exchange of goods — it’s time to streamline campus storage. Take a look at the common applications that universities find useful across campus. 

Student Union

A centralized place for students to store their belongings while grabbing lunch or catching up with friends.


Allow students to easily drop off and pick up library materials at their convenience.


Leave open cubbies in the past. Offer a secure place to store important belongings during a workout.

Commuter Lockers

Provide a safe place for commuter students to store belongings or projects so they don't have to constantly lug them around or leave them in their car.

Parcel Package

Streamline the packaging process across campus to allow students to easily pick up packages at their convenience with the tap of a button on their smartphone.

University Exchange of Goods Lockers

It is time to simplify the exchange of goods on campus. Smart lockers provide the ultimate user-friendly experience, from library materials to food delivery. There will be no more waiting in lines for students; once they are notified via text or email that their item is available, they can pick it up whenever it is convenient for them. It’s a seamless transaction with an audit trail for administration, reducing lost materials.