Agile Pantry

Meet the new water cooler and collaboration space — your kitchen.

Think about your office kitchen.

Is it an extension of your office — a social hub? A place of collaboration and community? Or, it is a place where employees quickly heat up their lunch and head back to their desk? There are ways to make your kitchens more of the former and less of the latter — and that’s through reimagining and reinventing this space. Meet the agile pantry — another place to insert a healthy dose of people-first design.

Agile pantries with modular casework —
 a perfect match.

Laminate Agile Pantry

Design Considerations

Construction Considerations


Learn more about how to transform your lunchroom into a collaborative and inviting space.

Agile Pantry Options:

With our casework solutions, even your kitchen or agile pantry can feel custom.

Grab & Go

Whether you make food options available for your employees, or encourage them to bring their own, make sure it’s easy for them to grab what they need and get on with their day.

Recycling and Trash

Keeping your office clean is essential. We can make your recycling stations and trash points integrate with your kitchen and pantry space, creating a clean look and keeping things tidy. Learn More.

Flexible Spaces

You never know when you’ll need your agile pantry to be, well, agile. Having tables or islands on wheels means you can use your pantry for breakfast meetings or an impromptu collaboration space.

Featured Finish Options

Here are just a few of our featured finishes. Trust us, there’s plenty more where these come from — if you’re looking for something different, let’s talk!

Wilsonart — LUJO Collection

Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) with three-dimensional wood grain texture.

Wilsonart's New Virtual Design Library (VDL) Collection - Localism

Designs inspired by familiar scenes, symbols, or surroundings

Custom doesn’t have to be extra work.

Our standard casework solutions give you the foundation you need to create the ideal spaces and places for employees. When you have the right building blocks, custom isn’t complex — it’s curated to match your space. 

Want to learn more about our custom-as-standard solutions? Drop us a line.