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Precision in a Caring Environment

HAMILTON has a lot of experience building systems for the caring environment. We know that you are considering the general concerns inherent in any workspaces. You want the space to align with the organization’s culture and business objectives. You want to support efficient workflows. In healthcare, you are also dealing with issues like infection control, advancing technology and security. You may even be trying to apply principals from hospitality or grant requirements into your design.

We offer material and structuring options that minimize mold and bacterial growth even in unseen areas. All edges in our case goods are sealed with durable PVC. Work surfaces can be constructed from stainless steel and phenolic resin. We provide non-permeable powder coated steel and stainless steel kick plates.

Our casework is modular, so it can be moved and repurposed to accommodate new equipment purchases.

We offer key, digital and smart (networked) lock choices on our doors and drawers.

Our flexible manufacturing processes and expert consultants are at your disposal. We have the capability to produce definitive solutions that suit your needs.

At HAMILTON custom is our standard

Custom Modular Casework for Exam Rooms.

Hamilton Signature Features

Custom & Integrated Sinks

Hand hygiene facilities should be readily available. Hand washing with soap and at least tepid running water must be performed as soon as feasible, particularly in cases of gross contamination, to adequately flush contaminated material from the skin.

Lockable Cabinets on Casters

Stationary and mobile medical storage can be preconfigured or configured by your staff. Designed to move easily and take the wear-and-tear of transport, lockable medical carts  with durable bumpers and medical-grade casters.

Integrated Pedal with Custom Foot Pedal Operation

To combat the spread of infection and to protect employee health, hands free faucet control is easily added to new and existing sinks. As opposed to having the water on during the entire hand wash, employees will step on the pedal to wet their hands, and step off while lathering with soap. And, no more faucets are left running or dripping.

Rigorous Standards

The patient-centered care movement has put an emphasis on addressing the healthcare needs, preferences and values of patients in order to effectively deliver care.

Exam Room Sink - Casework

Lifetime Warranty on your Custom Modular Casework Exam Rooms