Smart Lockers for the Exchange of Goods


Workplace Smart Lockers

Workplace Smart Lockers

Intelligent Parcel Lockers provide a significant ROI when compared to delivering packages to desks.  There are also several soft savings, for instance employee retention, user satisfaction and others.  IT Smart Lockers for  Break/Fix or Check-in/Check-out is also a very popular application.  And finally, any exchange of high-value assets or tracking of high-value assets makes for a great use-case.

University Smart Lockers

Smart lockers for Mail and Package delivery provides many benefits on a college campus – from hard savings primarily from the staff and labor associated with the traditional processes.  In today’s world college libraries are installing smart lockers for book exchange, book stores for purchase pickups and food delivery locker applications are showing up on campuses across the nation.

University Smart Lockers

Residential Parcel Lockers

Retail Smart Lockers

Apartments, Condos, Neighborhoods and Mixed-Use Buildings are looking to provide smart lockers for package and parcel delivery.  Providing convenience, security and peace of minds to tenants.  This is almost a must amenity in today’s new normal. 

Retail & Food Delivery Lockers

Outdoor Smart Locker

Grocery and Food Delivery Lockers and Services have picked up tremendously in recent months and look to stay in high demand going forward.  We can provide indoor and outdoor lockers with cooler and freezer options.

Standard sizes for quick, easy configuration

Mix and Match to provide the optimal solution

Offering indoor & outdoor solutions and multiple material options

Custom is our Standard

If a standard laminate smart locker won’t solve the challenge, we can design whatever custom size you may need.

Smart Materials

We can make smart lockers out of materials that not only fit your needs, but help contribute to a sanitary and safe environment.

Some of examples of the materials we can use include:

  • Antimicrobial laminates
  • Copper-infused solid surfaces and laminates
  • Antimicrobial Polymer Building Sheet
  • Phenolic Resin Sheet
  • Antimicrobial Painted Steel
  • Non-Porous Solid Surfaces

Featured Application:

Creative Workplace:
IT Exchange of Goods Lockers

With more remote working, the need to have a way to exchange IT equipment quickly, safely and securely is paramount.  Contactless exchange of goods with full audit capabilities and the ability to integrate with IT ticketing or Support packages (ie Service Now and others).  The lockers become an integral part of support, onboarding and provisioning workflows.  With the ability to add power and data in each locker – staff can work on equipment in the lockers an assign the proper locker to an individual when the need arises.  Build in the functionality to allow individuals to choose the type of laptop (Mac or Windows) or to check-out peripherals or equipment when needed.

Power & Data available in each locker

IT Smart Lockers with Power and Ethernet in Each Locker
IT Smart Lockers