From exam rooms to patient rooms, pharmacies to reception areas, nurses’ stations to operating rooms, HAMILTON possesses the expertise for each distinct need.

HAMILTON’s modular casework is the contemporary answer to challenges in advancing technology, workflow optimization and infection control. The healthcare field is actually many different applications. Exam rooms, patient rooms, pharmacies, reception areas, nurses’ stations and operating rooms all have distinct needs. HAMILTON possesses the expertise and manufacturing capabilities to meet every one of them.  We can build high performance pharmacies with amenities like gravity feed pill drawers, slide out housing for printers and mobile work islands. We can also construct grand reception areas that rival hospitality standards. Our systems are the perfect fit and they work.

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From Design to Build

HAMILTON has the potential to be part of your team. We can handle the design and drawings – alleviating that burden from your team.  We can work hand-in-hand with architects to get sign-offs.  We can ship the custom designed product and help coordinate installations on site.  We have extensive experience from design to build to install and everything in between. Ask us about our experiences outfitting entire Hospitals internationally and partnering on large and smaller jobs here in the US. For us, we aren’t just a manufacturer – we are able to provide so much more.

HAMILTON Healthcare Solutions:

Procedure Rooms

Exam / Procedure Rooms

Healthcare furnishings need to be efficient to buy, use and maintain; well-built, to meet the infection-control and durability requirements of the demanding patient environment; and flexible enough to adapt to changing health care needs.

procedure room casework

High Quality Medical Casework

Casework is essential to healthcare facilities in combating bacteria and infection. Casework is abundant in healthcare facilities with staff coming into contact with it on a daily basis. Casework must be built to withstand high demands, rigorous cleaning and disinfecting regiments and offer materials that repel bacteria.

The Casework should be optimized to store supplies and goods in a manner that supports efficiency and positive outcomes. The Casework must be durable and high quality to handle the high usage.

Patient Rooms

Patient Rooms

Patient room design will continue to evolve along with the products, materials, and technologies to help keep rooms clean and patients safe. HAMILTON believes strongly that the patient room is where the family (or the care advocates), the patients, and caregivers come together as a single team. The room needs to accommodate that and it needs to encourage that.

Pharmacy Solutions

Maximizing space is more critical than ever before. Products that combine functions save valuable real estate. Our pharmacy modular casework also features abundant, easily accessible file drawers and individually keyed (or smart locked) personal lockers



Medical Labs

Well-designed medical labs provide ample space for  flexibility to enable growth, change and adaptation into the future. They account for the infrastructure and layout needed to take advantage of the latest developments in technology and medicine. Sufficient power & data, ventilation, careful design of engineering systems and the selection of appropriate materials and finishes are critical to the long-term success of medical labs. 

Nurse Islands / Stations

First and foremost, nurses’ stations need to be considered in the context of providing patient care and as a functional work space. Sharp aesthetics are nice, but this space, maybe more than any other in the hospital environment, needs to be highly functional.

Nurse's Islands