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Our HAMILTON Pharmacy Casework product suite was designed by you. We interviewed pharmacy directors and designers to learn what was working and not working in the current pharmacy storage offering. The output of our endeavor guided us to design the most flexible and modular casework solution for pharmacies. There are no two pharmacy configurations alike and for that reason alone we designed a vast array of pharmacy furniture products to meet your unique needs. 

Over the years we have continued to refine and expand the pharmacy furniture line in response to the hundreds of successful pharmacy projects we have completed.

Our customers love the details that we have thoughtfully put into the design of this product suite. From toe kicks that allow them to work comfortably at the counter. To the soft close drawers that reduce noice levels. The black phenolic resin work surfaces that are ultra chemical resistant and help keep stray pills in sight. And even the sinks that can be integrated into the work surface and much more.

Pharmacy Furniture - Modular Casework
Hamilton Casework - Pharmacy - Custom

In addition, the very nature of modular casework is a good fit for pharmacies. Although it looks built-in, HAMILTON casework can be moved and repurposed. The product can easily accommodate new technology purchases or increased business.

Take a look at how St. Margaret’s Pharmacy took advantage of all the style possibilities that HAMILTON has to offer for pharmacies. 

Every pharmacy is different. HAMILTON is committed to delivering the perfect fit, every time.

A unique pharmacy built for you, by you.

Check out our Pharmacy Signature Features page to see how our variety of components can help you build your ideal pharmacy. 

Custom Modular Casework for Pharmacies.

Comprehensive, fully equipped pharmacy solutions

We have built HAMILTON Pharmacy systems for a wide variety of spaces. In addition to pharmacy specific products, we also manufacture components like desks, lockers, closets and consoles for a clean unified look. With all of the HAMILTON products at our disposal, our expert consultants can help you create the perfect pharmacy to suit your needs.

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