HAMILTON Pharmacy Signature Features

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Pharmacy casework is unique to each pharmacy. HAMILTON’s modular casework is made of plug and play components that allow your pharmacy to change, or grow, as needed. Choose from a variety of components to build out a functional, and beautiful pharmacy. And, HAMILTON’s selection of finishes means no compromising on design.

Personal Storage

This area is a quiet nook with open and locked personal storage where staff pharmacists can place orders. HAMILTON can provide components for every function in the pharmacy which gives your space a unified look.

Gravity-Fed Drawers

Our HAMILTON Pharmacy line offers specialty items designed especially for use in the pharmacy. In the unit dose fill station, flat and gravity-fed drawers in base cabinets coupled with slanted wall shelves can put hundreds of medications and supplies at your fingertips. Gravity-fed drawers need only be opened to refill. The drawers are seamlessly vinyl-wrapped to eliminate crevices where bacteria can grow. This drawer also features the optional removable insert with custom configurations to organize supplies.

Adjustable Gravity-Fed Shelves

Everything that our gravity-fed drawers offer but on your shelves. Some items are located in hard-to-reach places and here at HAMILTON, we want to make your life as easy as possible — in this case it means being able to have a line of sight to all the medications and supplies. With adjustable gravity-fed shelves, you are able to set up your pharmacy in a way that works best for you.

Finishes & Materials

The variety of available laminate colors, textures, and patterns, means no two pieces, or pharmacies, need to be alike.  Select the best finishing material for your needs and rest assured that no matter your choice our materials are made to be durable.


HAMILTON’s pharmacy casework can be made to any height. Work surfaces that are an appropriate height are known to increase productivity and employee engagement.

All told, HAMILTON’s signature features along with the plug and play pharmacy furniture line means that custom doesn’t have to be complicated.