Workplace Exchange of Goods Lockers

The pickup and exchange of assets/goods with smart lockers has gained traction in recent years. There is a variety of workplace exchange of goods applications that add tremendous value and contribute to memorable user experiences. Fewer employees are in the office at once with hybrid work, so having a place to securely store items that need to be exchanged is a must. 

IT Equipment

Rather than ensuring a constant IT presence in the hybrid office, using Click & Collect lockers results in daily convenience and uninterrupted service. Employees can use lockers to pick up computer equipment during onboarding, check in/out leased devices, and return equipment after offboarding. Lockers can be equipped with Power and Data – allowing laptops to be powered and worked-on right in the lockers. Integrations with various ticketing and service platforms enable seamless audit trails and fit in with day-to-day operations.

Office Mail & Parcel Delivery

Smart lockers reduce time wasted by 75% when currently delivering packages to desks. Not to mention the soft benefits of interruptions (context switching) and being able to retrieve packages at your convenience. With the addition of mail slots, employees can pick up mail while storing personal belongings all in one place.

Pass-Through Smart Lockers

hover the image to see backside

Smart lockers with pass-through access are a safe and efficient way to exchange goods. The backside makes it possible for the IT department or mailroom to efficiently place items in the appropriate locker. Employees can then retrieve their belongings using their RFID badge, and their locker will open.

Asset Management

By incorporating smart lockers into the process, supply and logistics can be greatly improved. We have several examples of businesses that have used smart lockers to improve efficiency, the speed at which replacement parts are delivered, and overall customer satisfaction. Smart lockers are used in manufacturing and other industrial applications to secure, track, and audit high-value assets.

Food Delivery

Allow food delivery services and restaurants to deliver food safely and securely. As the food order is placed into the locker, the user will get notified on their smartphone right when the door closes. The same locker bank can also offer other services and perks, such as laundry or dry cleaning services.

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Workspaces are increasingly being designed with plug-and-play pieces, making it easy to expand or change as needed. Workplace laminate lockers are an ideal personal storage solution for companies that are scaling, or still figuring out hybrid work.