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Mailroom Sorters Shouldn't be an Afterthought

As mailrooms have moved up from the basement, shrunk and come out of the shadows, our solutions have continued to evolve. Satellite mail stations are increasingly popular and are often placed in high traffic areas. Even large mailrooms may now be placed near reception. We appreciate how important it is to match the corporate design aesthetic and because of the flexibility of our manufacturing processes, custom materials are always an option.

Architects and designers managing a major renovation can feel comfortable delegating the practical details of their mail systems to us. We have been doing this for a long time. We offer a comprehensive line of casework and all of the accessories required. We will honor the design integrity of your project and are dedicated to delivering solutions that work!

Custom-Designed Mailrooms

Hand-pick surfaces, finishes and cabinets to match the look and feel of your existing office space. Today, mailrooms are integrated into prominent office areas instead of an afterthought in the basement. They could be located by the reception desk for employee and delivery convenience or by the agile pantry with integrated soffits and coffee dispensers for a multipurpose space that doubles as a social hub.

Our manufactured case goods include a complete line of sort and freestanding sort modules with open and closed back sorters including plexiglass-backed. We offer zip code sorters, consoles, overhead units and credenzas. Make your mailroom work for your office with a sleek and modern look while still being functional.

Sun Communities follows the latest interior trends with quality products for a top-notch environment. This mailroom was not going to be anything less despite the high traffic.

Carla Szpunar of Interior Components

Mailroom Sorter Configurations

We know that not every office is the same which is why HAMILTON offers a wide variety of configurations to meet your specific needs. Create a mailroom that has all the features you need to maximize efficiency while still maintaining the elegant look and feel of your office. Take a look some of our configurations below and see how offices use them in their space.

Sort Modules

Easily organize your mail with sort modules. Choose from closed and open-back sort modules and have the option to add plexiglass display boards and doors.

Bulk Sort Units

Bulk sort units provide higher shelf clearances for large packages. Flat or angled shelves in freestanding or desktop units.

Executive Mail Stations

Executive mail stations provide a central location for mail-drop and collection on each floor or within each department. The laminated trim offers an executive look for front office environments such as the reception area.

Overhead Units

Dramatically increase available workspace with overhead units. Available with hinged or retractable doors or even no doors for the quickest access. Choose to add fabric covered tack boards and undersurface task lights.

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Inspiration for Mailroom Design

University Mailrooms

This prominent student mailroom for Harvard University features real wood veneers on the sorter frames. The project required top functionality and curb appeal. HAMILTON has decades of experience manufacturing with designer-grade specialty materials.

Durable & Long-Lasting Material

HAMILTON’s aluminum framed console is our heaviest hitter. It possesses weight-bearing capacity of over 1,000 pounds and is our best selling component by far. The aluminum frames eliminate exposed edges and protect laminate work surfaces. The consoles can be customized with wheels, dump rims and electricity. They easily connect to one other and to sorters.

Flexible for Your Unique Needs

HAMILTON’s flexible shelf system permits adjustment at 1” intervals with ease. We take great pride in our attention to detail. This is one small example of our commitment to creating solutions that fit the needs of our clients.

Parcel Delivery Lockers

Still looking for more options? Here at HAMILTON, we have just that. Check out Smart Lockers for the Exchange of Goods that reduce time wasted from delivering packages to desks. Plus, employees are able to pick up packages at their convenience.