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We've UPDATED Our Workplace Transformation Brochure

The pandemic has taught us that work can happen anywhere, but how do we keep employees coming back to the office? We explore this and much more in this extensive workplace brochure.

Explore the newest updates on custom storage solutions for a variety of applications.

NEW Material Options

Take a look at all our new laminate, tackboard fabric, and handle options!

UPDATED Workplace Solutions

Laminate Locker Design

It’s time to stop making lockers an afterthought. When thoughtfully designed, lockers can be an integral part of the redesign of the office. At HAMILTON, we have a wide variety of unique solutions to outfit your space for all your needs. See for yourself all of our locker design solutions. 

Take A Peek Inside A Locker

There’s so much more to a locker than just the exterior – and when it comes to user experience, it’s the little details that count. Check out what we can do to the inside of your locker.

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Featured Education Solutions

Future of the Library Becomes a Reality at Wake Forest University

See for yourself how smart contactless exchange of goods lockers transformed the library and created a seamless experience for students, faculty, and staff.

Featured Healthcare Solutions

NYU Langone Health

When NYU Langone decided to renovate their hospital administration offices there wasn’t a detail left to chance. The local furniture dealer understood just how important the fit and finish of these countertops would be and a standard product was not going to cut it. See how HAMILTON was able to create a sleek and modern solution that solves all their unique needs.

Designing for Affordable Healthcare

Take a peak at how HAMILTON worked with the architects at Oak Street Health to create a frictionless project.

Custom doesn't have to be complicated

Our standard casework solutions give you the foundation you need to create the ideal spaces and places for employees. We believe when you have the right building blocks, custom isn’t so complex.

Want to learn more about how to create a custom space out of our standard pieces? Drop us a line about your latest project.