Workplace Laminate Lockers

The hybrid workplace is changing how employees interact with the office. As hoteling becomes the norm, that sense of 'home base' is taken away. Offer employees secure, frictionless storage with workplace laminate lockers.

As workplace strategies continue to evolve, implementing flexible solutions that can adapt to your needs is key. Design lockers to work with the environment by adding locker islands with whiteboard surface countertops or wall partitions with media centers to enhance the collaborative zones. When coupled with smart technology, gain insight into how lockers are being used and provide employees with a user experience like no other.

Form & Function

Design Considerations

Choose from a selection of configurations to suit the variety of storage needs your employees may need. Build lockers into a wall, use as a stand-alone wall partition, or combine with our modular casework to create mixed-use storage. Our line of standard finished aren’t the only design options.

Construction Considerations

Durable construction, custom-designed with high-pressure laminate. Designed to accommodate all of the expected features — shelves, hooks, door slots, ventilation, multiple battery and powered-lock options, custom sizes, and more.

Custom locker storage — created from standard pieces.

Your employees take a variety of belongings to work every day, which means personal storage can’t be a one-size-fits-all. Modern workspaces need to be built with a variety of employee activities in mind — focusing, learning, and collaborating. Create distinct areas for all three with lockers!


Rethink how your employees work and collaborate by defining space into communities organized around job functions, projects, or even zones for noise level.

Modern workspaces need to be built with a variety of employee activities in mind — focusing, learning, and collaborating.

Locker Islands

Our custom-designed islands can fit into any space as a standalone island or up against a wall, even with casters for the ultimate flexibility.

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Looking for something different?

We’re glad you asked. Custom design is part of our standard practice — let us know what you have in mind!

See what the workplace will look like in our UPDATED Workplace Transformation Brochure

Workspaces are increasingly being designed with plug-and-play pieces, making it easy to expand or change as needed. Workplace laminate lockers are an ideal personal storage solution for companies that are scaling, or still figuring out hybrid work.

Locker Applications: Idea Gallery

Take a look at some of our recent locker projects. If something here piques your interest, reach out and we’re happy to talk details!