University Exchange of Goods Lockers

With smart lockers, reimagine the process of the exchange of goods across campus. From library materials to food delivery, we help create a seamless experience for students, faculty, and visitors. Allow users to pick-up goods at their convenience, eliminating the time wasted waiting in line.

Library Exchange of Goods

It’s time for students and faculty to have an easy way to exchange library materials. With smart lockers strategically located in the library, this exchange of goods will be simple, efficient, and frictionless. This allows students to return and pick up their belongings at any time of day, at their convenience.

Here’s how it works: A student uses the library’s online catalog to select the books they want to borrow. A librarian, for example, will receive a “request,” locate the items to be delivered and create an “order” for a student before depositing the items in a locker.

Students are notified via email or text when their materials are ready for pickup. To open a locker, a student must present their ID card, phone, or watch. Close the door, and the exchange is complete.

Cost Savings

• Quantifiable savings in staffing when accessible 24/7
• Eliminate liability of lost or untracked goods
• No longer serve as a storage facility

Data & Analytics

Track locker utilizations and capacity reporting. Use reporting to know if lockers should be moved, capacity needs to be increased or decreased. All to help provide incredible student experiences.

Custom Solution

Indoor or Outdoor use. We offer different materials that are both clean and durable. Easily add graphics and signage to brand the lockers. Our lockers come with a lifetime warranty.

To learn more about the versatile functionality of smart parcel lockers, read our Wake Forest Library case study. See how future proof innovation during unprecedented times can be done with all stakeholders in mind.

Food & Dining

As universities continue to offer more food options and partner with food delivery services, there is a lack of easy locations for the food to be properly delivered to the student. Smart lockers are that bridge between food delivery service and students. The students can order and pay via their student account and get it delivered right to a locker and pick it up at their convenience. No more long delivery instructions or phone calls trying to explain your exact location. For universities, it limits food delivery services wandering around campus.

Smart Mailboxes:

Even though white mail, or letters, are in decline year-over-year, mailroom management still spends time sorting and delivering letters to student PO boxes. PO Boxes are cumbersome to maintain and oftentimes students rarely if ever, check the boxes. Less than 10% of students receive a letter (white mail) on a given day. Key management alone and replacement of keys can cost a university upwards of $5,000 a year. Keys are expensive and burdensome to administer and maintain. 

Rather than static PO boxes taking up square footage, leverage Smart Mailboxes. Adding Smart Mailboxes to Smart Lockers can ease the administrative burden, while enhancing student experience. Students can pick up packages and mail all in one place.