A Traditionally
Styled pharmacy

St. Margaret's
Endless Possibilities

A Tradition of Excellence.

Not wanting a  cold and institutional look, style was very important to the pharmacy director. “I had no idea that there were so many choices! With the wood laminate, I am able to achieve the look of an old-time pharmacy which is both relaxing and conducive to work.” -Terry, Pharmacy Director

Marrying this traditional appearance with modern features and benefits such as WilsonArt High Definition/High Pressure laminate. Featuring subtle variations in color and finish characteristic of textured granite, the counter-top provides four times the industry standard in wear-resistance.

Unique Casework for Unique Needs

Floor-to ceiling storage including deep drawers and overhead adjustable shelves provide easy access to medications. Using standard and modular case work, the opportunities to customize and maximize efficiency in the work space were endless. 

Learn how St. Margaret’s Pharmacy and Hamilton worked together to optimize work flow by downloading the full case study. 

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From laminate casework to laminate lockers, solid-surface reception desks to custom islands and more.
Hamilton Casework designs solutions to fit your needs.