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Workplace Solutions

Your Agile Workplace – built to work for you

Workplace Solutions

Your Agile Workplace – built to work for you

Workplace Solutions

Your Agile Workplace — Built to Work for You

The workplace. Once a place of drab, uniform cubicle farms has been reimagined into a space of productivity, meaningful collaboration, and most importantly modularity.

With new technologies and the shift to a hybrid work model, the office is prime for evolution to create a space that is future-proofed to evolve with your workplace strategies. Create a space that encourages collaboration, while still providing individual quiet zones for heads-down work.

The challenge is designing an office where employees want to come to work instead of staying home. Providing the proper tools and amenities can ensure the office is a sticky one.

The hybrid work model has many companies densifying desking that removes employees’ ‘home base.’ 

Read on to learn more about the latest trends and changes coming to the workplace to promote safe employee collaboration, innovation, and head’s down focused work. 


The office design of tomorrow is here

Rethink how your employees work and collaborate by defining space into communities organized around job functions, projects, or even zones for noise level. Create an environment that is capable of catering to ALL of your employee’s workspace needs. Be it a quiet zone marked off by a sound dampening Modular Zone Dividers, or a collaborative zone centered around a whiteboard surfaced Work Island.

Modular Zone Dividers can be a combination of lockers, cabinets, or shelving. Place right up against a wall, or ‘float’ on the floor where needed for a clean division of space.

Modular Zone Dividers

Office Storage can’t be a one size fits all. Workspaces need to be able to adapt to accommodate your employees’ needs. 

Walls can be strategically placed to help the flow of traffic or create neighborhoods within the space. Modular Zone Dividers can be personalized to your unique functional and space needs. Some example of modular wall design and purpose include: 

  • Integrated media displays to allow for on-the-fly collaboration with both virtual and in-person employees while also providing for miscellaneous storage 
  • A custom unique ‘city-scape’ design that is made up of smart lockers for personal storage and cubbies for design elements and storage 
  • A multifunctional storage wall for collaboration with built-in whiteboards or tackboards 
  • Workspaces are increasingly being designed with plug-and-play pieces, making it easy to expand or change as needed.

Learn more about our neighborhooding solutions and how to get your space ready as you reintroduce employees to the office.

Recycle & Trash Points

It may not be the most exciting part of an office plan, but don’t let waste disposal fall by the way-side.

Drive and reinforce positive workplace behavior with Recycle and Trash points. Relocate disposal bins from individual work points and replace them with communal repositories in central locations to consolidate sanitation and exposure.

  • Customize the configuration to fit into any space – pantries, end caps, and workstations
  • Get creative with laminate finishes or even a custom graphic, even the bin labels can be personalized
  • Drive friendly inter-neighborhood competition with waste reduction initiatives
Improving recycling behavior in the workplace can reduce environmental problems by significantly cutting down on waste being sent to the landfill.

The Modern Mudroom

Consider the addition of Hygiene Lockers and custom Reception Desks for a new COVID-safe idea.

The Modern Mudroom is a place for when employees enter the building and select a locker for the day.

By the use of smart lockers, employees would have a practically touchless experience by presenting their RFID or mobile credential to the reader on the lockers. An available locker door would pop open allowing them to put in their change of shoes, bike helmet, umbrella or jacket until they are ready to leave the building once again. 

  • The Modern Mudroom can reduce infection and increase employee’s physical and mental being
  • With touchless lockers, the lockers can become automatically disabled after use. These lockers are then flagged for the cleaning crew to clean. After the lockers are cleaned the lockers are then enabled automatically for employees or visitors to use once again. 

Interested in the Modern Mudroom?

Learn how to transform your office into a COVID-safe space.

Hygiene Lockers can be used to divide space in the office as well. They further promote employee safety by being an easy, frictionless way to visually remind employees to wash their hands frequently.

Hygiene Lockers

As employees return to the workplace, they want to know that they are cared for and that their surroundings are safe and clean. Let your workers know that you hear them with Hygiene Lockers. 

Hygiene Lockers are composed of a bank of lockers with a central sink or sanitation station for handwashing.

  • Place Hygiene Lockers on every floor of the office. With personal storage lockers right by the door, the featured sanitation station is front and center 
  • Hygiene lockers are a gentle nudge that communicates to the workplace the importance of consistent handwashing as we return to the office 

Make your Hygiene Lockers safe and provide a practically touchless experience by utilizing your current RFID employee badges, mobile credentials on the phone or wearable, or a mobile app.

Reception Desks

Reception desks are a vital element to visitor management. An inviting, welcoming space makes a great first impression. From the moment a visitor, potential client, or interview candidate walks through your doors, they are gathering information about you and who you are as a company or organization. Lets make sure that the first look is a positive one.

Agile Pantry

Create a new social hub of the office.

Make your pantry an extension of your office. A place that foster collaboration and community. By creating a space that is dedicated to inviting conversation, the panty can be the social hub of the office. By having a dedicated pantry space designed with casework, modular walls, recycle points, and work islands disruption to the surrounding workplace will be minimal. 

The Agile Pantry can be designed with custom casework, pulls and handles, integrated sinks, storage, drawers and even solid-surface counter space that is easy to clean.

From baseboard to bulkhead, standard products can be fine tuned to meet your workspace needs from functionality to aesthetic design. 

Finish Trends

Choose from a variety of available laminate colors, textures, and patterns or solid-surface material. Our available finish options allow you to incorporate solutions that blend into your existing interior design or create stand out solutions that add a pop of color or design. With the latest technology, we can even incorporate your company logo or custom artwork right inside the laminate.

Most importantly, with HAMILTON, custom isn’t complicated. Check out finishing trends to see the capabilities of laminate and view HAMILTON’s Workplace Image Gallery for inspiration. 

Create a Modular Design: an oversized solid-surface or laminate counter-height surface for eating or on-the-fly collaboration, incorporate TV media display for light entertainment or sharing media in a modular wall partition, and much more.


Our standard casework solutions give you the foundation you need to create the ideal spaces and places for employees. When you have the right building blocks, custom isn’t complex — it’s curated to match your space.

HAMILTON takes pride in offering workplace solutions for your ever changing needs. There are many benefits to choosing Casework: from hard surface countertops to lockers, to the smallest finishing details like Soffits and Bulkheads, all of which can be easily installed, repaired, or reconfigured as needed.

Workplace Islands

Create an on-the-fly collaboration space.

As businesses adopt the idea of a hybrid work model, employees will most likely need a vareity of spaces to work and collaborate with colleagues. Workplace Islands are a perfect solution for on-the-fly meetings.

Our custom-designed islands can fit into any space as a standalone island or up against a wall, even with casters for the ultimate flexibility. The islands can be designed of varying sizes and different types of storage and a variety of materials. 

Custom Workplace Islands can vary tremendously in design from standing to sitting, lockers to cabinet storage to drawers and even integrated plumbing and electrical raceways.

Workplace Lockers

Workplace lockers go beyond just personal storage. 

Curious About The Return to Work?

Learn how to navigate the challenges that come with reopening the office post-pandemic.

Many businesses are looking at a hybrid work model that allows for flexible working of their employees, where the assigned desking solution will simply not make sense. Employees may come and go depending on their type of work they are doing. Collaborative work and innovation to head’s down, focused work. 

If employees no longer have an assigned desk, the next best place for them to keep their personal belongings are in Workplace Lockers.

Lockers are traditionally thought of as a ‘nice-to-have’ amenity that can be an eye sore. And to make it worse, the lockers you are probably most used to require an employee to type in a 4-digit PIN to use the locker. The shared surface of the pinpad is less than desirable and less than convenient for thorough cleaning and disinfecting.

Endless locker configurations for your unique workspace

Learn more about our locker capabilities with our locker cut sheets. Choose from a wide variety of locker configurations with both battery locks and networked locks.

Contactless Exchange of Goods Lockers

Adding lockers for the contactless exchange of goods can also add a peace-of-mind and tremendous efficiencies for your employees.

While we are all familiar with parcel delivery lockers, due to COVID-19 new applications for the exchange of goods has risen, such as, food delivery, IT technology, dry cleaning and more. 

These smart lockers can be integrated with your day-use lockers or standalone while using the employees chosen credential, such as RFID card, phone app or wearable to access their locker.

Casework Laminate

Smart lockers for your Return-To-Office plan

While implementing a return-to-office strategy with unassigned seating for your team, smart lockers give employees a place to store their belongings that they otherwise would be missing.

Not only would employees have a needed secure storage solution, they can easily reserve a locker for however they need on their own unique schedules. These smart lockers can also be reserved using existing access cards, feature custom data reporting, and allow for set cleaning schedules. 

Explore the return-to-office solution we implemented for International Hotels Group by reading our case study below.

Want to learn more about workplace trends?

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