Lock Technology

When it comes to storage, the actual locker is only part of the solution — the lock and technology options make up the other half. Whether you’re looking for a standard no-fuss lock to keep belongings safe, or a more tech-driven lock system that integrates with other aspects of your building, we’ve got an option to fit your application and needs.

Lock Types



Yellowbox, wireless smart locks, is a leader in creating streamlined user experiences for practically any locker application for temporary or permanent-use lockers to ‘click & collect’ exchange of goods lockers. 

Networked Locks

Networked locking systems offer the opportunity to integrate your locker technology with the other tech in your facility. This includes building and office entrances, gym entrances, cafeteria and lounge access, and more.

All-access gets the same treatment and uses the same RFID card or mobile app — and lock- and interface-less locker doors fit right in at a modern office or building.

Metra Smarter Locking

The patented, motor-driven Metra smart lock is reliable, secure, low-maintenance, easily scalable, and friendly all the way around — user-friendly, environmentally-friendly, and locker design-friendly.

All Metra smart locker installations are hardwired — this means you don’t have to deal with the time-consuming and expensive task of regularly replacing tens, hundreds, or thousands of harmful lock batteries. This means all your lockers can be used at any given moment.

Smart Lock Options

With Metra Modo’s networked wired smart locks, there are no locks protruding off the doors that allow for an uninterrupted locker design. Our RFID-enabled smart locking system offers several modes of operation to ensure we help you create the experience you desire.

RFID-Access or PIN Code

Mobile Credentials & App


Gantner Networked Locks

Gantner is another partner of ours, and their patented networking locking systems offer a powerful option for mid- to large-size locker installations requiring a comprehensive locker management solution and integration with third party solutions. 

The keyless lock is equipped with an anti-theft protection, and the data gives you the insights on locker usage in real time. This solution also offers the opportunity to charge USB appliances or utilize LED lighting.

RFID & Battery-Powered Locks


Yellowbox has taken a close look at how users want to use lockers and how management wants to administer and manage lockers. The Yellowbox software platform is designed for a simple and intuitive user experience but with all of the intelligence and reporting capabilities behind the scenes.

Ojmar Locks

Next generation products, designed for all types of applications and adaptable to different customer demands. Ojmar locks combine simple operation with clean design, making them popular among both users and designers. You can choose from basic mechanical keys and hasps to connected smart locks with advanced features and capabilities.


OCS Smart

OTS Advance


Numeris by Digilock offers advanced firmware for a flexible management system that increases security in the workplace. A variety of available finishes and body-styles enhance the aesthetics of any furniture, cabinet or locker while keypad or RFID interface allows for seamless operation across a facility.

Smart Lockers

We create the lockers — but we lean on other trusted companies for smart locker technology. Some of the most respected brands in the business — like Smiota — trust their technology with our custom laminate locker solutions.