Yellowbox Wireless Smart Lockers

Yellowbox the Smart Locker System, Made Simple.

The latest wireless, smart locker system that is designed for a streamlined user experience.

Simple. Flexible. Reliable

Forget the keys and the servers. Yellowbox is your easy to install, wireless smart locker system. Offering a solution for practically every locker solution from temporary or permament-use lockers to ‘click & collect’ for delivery parcel lockers. The streamlined experience for users and managers alike is unlike any other lock software. The Yellowbox software is designed for a simple and intuitive user experience that still provide all the necessary insights and back-end capabilities. Let’s take a further look into the user-friendly Yellowbox locker system.

User App

The Yellowbox system provides multiple ways for users to access their locker. The Yellowbox App, RFID cards, integrated with your company’s existing smart building app, or a backup 4-digit PIN is always available as an option. Using a locker for the day is as simple as presenting the user’s smartphone to the reader and the specified locker will open automatically. Even if an issue occurs, the User App has 24/7 in-app support ensuring no user is stranded without a locker. 

The simple user experience does not reflect the extensive capabilities that the lock provides. In fact, the software provides a variety of features that allow you to customize the system to fit your needs.

  • Charge users for lockers
  • Share locker with another user
  • Transfer locker to another user
  • Member management software integration
  • SSO sign-in

Management Phone App

Say goodbye to master keys, codes and cards. The management app provides visibility to every locker all within one app. Visually see which lockers are available, unavailable, disabled and reserved for use. Not only can managers view locker status, but they can also allocate lockers to specific users and end a booking that has surpassed the allotted time. Each locker has an audit trail which provides a complete history of locker usage. 

The ‘open all’ button saves time when all the lockers need to be opened for sanitizing and security checks. The Management App also allows managers to reserve specific lockers for ADA use only — guaranteeing accessibility for all users. 

With battery powered locks, battery levels are a constant concern. The Management App makes it easy to view the battery levels of each lock. The system level-loads locker usage so the battery usage is equally distributed. If a manager notices a low battery percentage, they can disable the lock until the battery is charged.

Simple to use. Easy to manage. Incredibly smart.

Learn more about Yellowbox the wireless, smart locker system, in our download with curated content just for you!

Manager Web Dashboard

Managers also have the flexibility to view lockers on a web dashboard. The web portal provides managers a live view of all lockers, utilization rates and battery levels. Gain insight into real time data with audit trail logs and the locker usage over time. Managers can also create bookings for users that do not have smartphones, right from the dashboard. Plus, create groups for specialized locker access for cleaning crews or other managers. Even customize communication for the users by specifying how often and how many notifications they receive. 

Seamless Integrations

Yellowbox has a seamless integration with existing building card access, so no need to change your entire office. The Manager Web Dashboard easily integrates with RFID cards, offering the same real-time data. Simply add power to the end of each locker bank for the card readers and ensure the same streamlined experience for your visitors and employees. 

Smart Locks

Providing you with the ultimate flexibility, the software is compatible with wired and wireless locks. The wireless locks use 4 AAA batteries that are easy to replace and last around 1.5 years. We recommend using wireless locks for smaller jobs with a maximum of 500 locks. If you choose the wireless option, you can have more locks and less maintenance over time. The software is highly secure and doesn’t require on-site servers and network connection. Plus, the system automatically disable unresponsive lockers, so users always have an uninterrupted experience. 

These locks can be mounted to any type of material which means the desired design won’t be compromised. Take a look at all of the materials we have to offer and start dreaming up how Yellowbox can enhance your experience.