Redefine the Use of Space, How We Collaborate & Even the Materials We Touch

The COVID-19 pandemic has us reconsidering how we collaborate and even touch the materials and objects around us. It will most likely force us to reconsider how space is designed and used throughout the entire office. Choosing smart solutions can be one way of creating space and reducing the number of surfaces we have to come in contact with.

Flexible working is here to stay

While there may not be as many people in the office in the future, creating space within the existing space that allow for different types of work will still be critical. From collaboration areas that incorporate seamless technology for those that are participating virtually, to focused individual work time — the design of these spaces will be critical to create distance and a sense of security and safety.

Create a Touchless Design

Limit the number of surfaces people have to touch

With our approach to technology and locker design — we can offer you practically a touchless experience for your employees to use your temporary-use lockers while they are in the office for the day. 

Just using their employee badge or even their phone, the system will automatically detect the employee’s credentials and automatically pop-open the door for the employee to put in their belongings. When done, the employee closes the door with a simple nudge of the elbow. Making the experience practically touchless. 

Smart Material Lockers
Laminate Smart Lockers

Cleanability of Surfaces

Our offering of materials such as solid-surface, non-porous material, allows for really easy cleaning and wiping down. This is a great solution for agile pantries, recycle & trash points, reception desks, even doors of lockers.

The design of spaces will be redefined — and at HAMILTON, our standard is to meet your custom needs as they evolve

People-first design has to be a standard practice

No matter what you call it — people-first design is at the center of these workplace trends. And, in order to truly deliver on the requirements of today’s workplace, you need a partner that understands the need for a nimble and configurable workspace.

Custom doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve got the expertise, experience, and understanding of trends to help you with your next workplace storage project.