A Transformation as Workplaces Need to Divide & De-Densify Space

As businesses begin to reopen, social distancing rules will lead to a heightened need to effectively divide space and de-densify the workplace environment.

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How are you planning to delineate space?

The challenge will be to balance new safety measures with opportunities for productive interactions.

Partitions of every size and shape will be researched to help design office layouts to minimize potentially dangerous interactions without cutting off communication. At the end of the day, many businesses are starting to realize that the only reason to be in the office is to collaborate. 

Here are a few highlights from a recent article about what organizations and communicators must consider when reinventing their workplace in response to COVID-19.

“Remove trash cans and recycle bins from individual work points and replace them with communal repositories in a communal location to consolidate sanitation and exposure.” (12)

Communal Repositories for
Trash & Recycle

With a variety of configurations available in two, three, and four bins that could have designated shapes for the disposal of materials, circular grommet openings or even bi-directional door flaps that sit on a standard base or casters for mobility.

Recycle Station - Hamilton

“Install hard surface dividers between work points to help define work points and add dividers, such as mobile markerboards, screens, planters, lockers or cabinets within the open space to increase shielding.” (18)

Space Dividers

One way we can help divide space using materials that can be bleach cleaned for disinfecting are our Panel Dividers. Made from laminate and aluminum extrusions, these portable space dividers are easy to move, divide space, and are affordable. 

Smart Materials

We offer antimicrobial laminates, copper-infused laminate and solid-surfaces, solid-surface, or phenolic material options.

“FFE (furniture, fixtures and equipment) and material specifications are being reviewed to include anti-microbial treatments and bleach cleanable.” (15)

“Assign lockers, file drawers or storage cabinets to individuals to store personal items. Leverage electronic, hands-free locking mechanisms.” (10)

Locker Wall Partition

Creating a full-height or counter-top-height locker storage wall partition can help break up space while keeping the vibe of an open office. Our lockers come in a wide variety of sizes, configurations, laminate choices (including anti-microbial) and locks. Even RFID locks, making our lockers practically touchless. Employees can open their locker with their badge, phone and even wearable. 

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We put together this comprehensive brochure on how storage and dividing space can play a role in creating a safe workspace.

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