Contactless Exchange
Of Goods

Future of the Library Becomes a
Reality at Wake Forest University

Smart Lockers Create a Lasting Solution for the Library

Serving over 8,000 undergraduate students in the middle of a pandemic forced the Z. Smith Reynolds Library (ZSR) to quickly come up with a solution to best serve the needs of their students, faculty and staff.

After realizing that filling labeled paper bags with books and other library equipment was a broken system, ZSR revisited the idea of implementing smart lockers that they had previously discussed prior to the pandemic.

“We were really looking for function — we didn’t expect that we were going to get this really elegant solution. And with that wrap, it’s just beautiful.” - ZSR Associate Dean, Mary Beth Lock

Modular & Flexible Design

HAMILTON was able to work with ZSR to create smart laminate lockers with 24/7 access providing a secure exchange of goods. The laminate lockers were designed to fit the needs of all library materials while maximizing the number of openings available in the locker bank. 

Since the lockers were smart, the ZSR staff could see that the lockers were staying around 90% capacity the majority of the time. The modular nature of HAMILTON laminate lockers made for easy additions of locker columns and they were even able to add custom-sized lockers to accommodate odd-shaped library materials such as tripods.

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