University Smart Lockers

With Student ID integration

Leverage lockers that seamlessly integrate and use your current ID cards.

The University ID is central to security, overall student, faculty & visitor experience and use cases continue to expand and prove vital to the overall function of the campus.

Seamless user experience while providing many quantifiable benefits.

Smart Locker Features

Lockers can be set up to be disabled after use and put into cleaning mode. Once cleaned the locker will be automatically available for use again.

Rental Lockers:

  • Charge for use (single use) or for the semester or year, but allow the student (or faculty) to use ANY locker on campus.
  • Can assign time periods for lockers (1hr, 4hr, 8hrs, 1 week, etc…).  Lockers can easily be extended via the app.

Release lockers every night or every week.  You can release a whole bank, building or an individual lockers.

Usage Based Cleaning – know who used each locker and when.

Share lockers with teams, colleagues, etc…

Clean-ability is Paramount

Open all locker doors with the touch of a button

Lockers made with Smart Materials to meet your needs

Laminate Lockers

Laminate Lockers Hamilton

Antimicrobial Laminate Locker Doors

Laminate Smart Lockers

Solid Surface Lockers

University Trends: Influencing Student ID Card Deployment and Management in Higher Education

Mobile Adoptions

Universities in the United States market mobile access as a point of differentiation when attracting students and, at the same time benefit from a convenient, streamlined ID card management process.

Secure Visitor Mgmt

Most college campuses are open environments with many people moving around, it can be very challenging for administrators to monitor visitor and guest activity.

Campus Expansion

As universities expand, new buildings need to be integrated into existing access control and facilities management systems. Students need to be able to use the same ID cards in old and new buildings, or from one university campus to another.

Leveraging a campus card solution means putting technology in the hands of students that fit their needs, is convenient, is secure and is as mobile as they are.

Use cases for smart lockers on campus:

Unions, Fitness Centers

Grad Students, Faculty, Lockers for Buildings, Departments or Colleges


Labs, R&D and Innovation Centers