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Smart Materials for University Lockers

Our lockers come with a variety of locks, but maybe as important (or more) is the material you chose for your lockers.  Clean-ability, Durability and Aesthetics are now more important than ever.

We can make lockers out of materials that not only fit your needs, but help contribute to a sanitary and safe environment.

Some of examples of the materials we can use include:

  • Antimicrobial laminates
  • Copper-infused solid surfaces and laminates
  • Antimicrobial Polymer Building Sheet
  • Phenolic Resin Sheet
  • Glass (Painted Back)
  • Non-Porous Solid Surfaces

Glass Lockers

Glass Lockers

Clean, Safe and Secure - your material selection doesn't have to compromise the design of your lockers

Laminate Lockers

Antimicrobial Laminate Locker Doors

Solid Surface Lockers

University Trends: Rental Lockers

Challenges with current campus lockers:

  • Forms to fill out for use ahead of time
  • Sold-out / waitlists (Unknown utilizations or capacity issues)
  • Single-Use Challenges – Punch cards or other creative ideas
  • Security – open doors quickly
  • Cleaning / Maintenance
  • Expiration with locks still on the lockers (cut them off?)

Rental Lockers are a staple of the University Campus – however, most processes are clumsy, administratively burdensome and not very convenient for staff or the students.  Ask about how we can help streamline the process, increase both revenue and student satisfaction!

Popular Lock Options

We’ve got a variety of keyless, RFID, and PIN-activated lock options, depending on your needs and the technology integrations of your workplace.

Mechanical Combo Lock

Battery-Operated Locks

Networked Locks

University Smart Lockers

Lockers with Student ID Access

Access your lockers with WIFI (App), Bluetooth, NFC, or even your wearable (Apple Watch).

Smart Package Delivery / Mail Lockers

Save money and provide a more satisfying and secure way to get packages, books and other goods

Smart Locker for University