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High Levels of Custom Work

One of Ten.

The Pediatric Heart Center at Tulane Hospital for Children is a fully equipped pediatric catheterization lab as well as a full operating room.

Fitting custom interiors into standard casework cabinets allowed for the quick installation of casework capable of withstanding frequent chemical treatments
and bleach washings.

Working with very specific directives for the structure and details of the suite including the storage of the equipment, Hamilton delivered a space that met surgical and sterile needs. 

procedure room casework

Unique Casework for Unique Needs

Superior corrosion-resistant stainless steel was employed in the sterile environment of the Operating Room. Hamilton’s recommendation for an exclusive stainless steel hinge with no plastic washers further ensured infection control. 

Download the full case study to see all the ways Hamilton used integrated Standard and Custom Casework to make this cutting edge Hybrid Cath Lab. 

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