Design for Hybrid

Sinclair College
Meeting Academic and Medical Standards

Fulfilling academic and hygienic needs

Consolidating 53 degree and certificate allied health programs from nine buildings into one structure, is no small under-taking. Hamilton worked closely with teachers and students from Sinclair College to design academic spaces that would simulate a real world medical workspace.

Hamilton ’s comprehensive experience delivering
medical and educational solutions proved invaluable for the Center’s hybrid environment. 

Modular Casework Base Cabinets

Unique Casework for Unique Needs

Hamilton worked together with the project manager to meet academic and hygienic needs with specialized laminate counter tops, custom medical casework, and even double-sided surgical cabinets. 

By meeting the individual departmental requests, Hamilton was able to ensure an ideal learning environment for years to come. 

Download the full case study to see how Hamilton helped make the Sinclair College Lobby memorable for all. 

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