The Flexibility of Smart Lockers in a Hybrid Workforce

The Importance of Employee Lockers in a Hybrid Workforce Model

For Randstad USA, it meant adding smart lockers to their new office design as part of their hybrid workplace model. The employees are able to open lockers by simply presenting their employee RFID badges to the readers and the locker doors pop open. The flexibility of the smart locker software allows Randstad to evolve how employees use the lockers — while always providing them with a safe and secure place to store their belongings. 

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The Hybrid Workforce

As companies continue to navigate what a hybrid workforce looks like for their unique needs — one thing continues to hold true — a hybrid model is far more complicated than one that is fully remote. The office, however, can be the curator of community — something that’s hard to replicate from the comfort of home. It’s a space that promotes a feeling of togetherness, a place where everyone has the same opportunities and convenience that’s hard to match. By prioritizing conveniences and employee experience, companies can make the office a desirable place to be. 

Randstad understood that a hybrid model requires intentional planning with every employee in mind to create a space that is desirable, flexible, and future-proofed in design. They partnered with a leading architecture firm that understood that the way the office operates today will look vastly different six months to a year from now. 

To reorganize the floor plan and accommodate the new model, Randstad needed to transition away from a 1:1 ratio of desk to employee. Spaces had to be redesigned for flexibility to support every employee — from a mix of quiet spaces, collaboration areas, and touch-down points — to ensure that when an employee came into the office everyone had a place where they could be engaged and productive. 

“Who comes into the office and when is it dynamic” 

Baer, Director of Workplace Solutions at Randstad

Jeff Baer, Director of Workplace Solutions, and the team at Randstad decided to shift the desking to be .6 desks per person. “No one has an assigned desk, but everyone has somewhere to go when they are on-site,” said Baer. However, with no assigned desking — employees wouldn’t have a dedicated space to safely store their personal belongings, which Baer understood early on. Employee lockers were an absolute must for their new hybrid work model. 

The Randstad Atlanta office has over 700 employees and it was important that even though there is no longer a 1:1 desk-to-employee ratio, the lockers were 1:1.

There are always enough areas for employees to work in regardless of how many come into the office. The lockers needed to follow suit. Lockers needed to be located throughout the floor in spaces that were accessible and convenient. 

Battery-Operated Lockers vs Wired Smart Lockers

When Randstad started looking into laminate lockers for their employees they were leaning towards a simple battery-operated lock, as that is what they knew. The lock of initial interest needed to be decided upfront as to whether the lockers were going to be assigned or unassigned and the employee would have to key in a 4-digit PIN to access the locker. With a nudge from Randstad’s architect and a demo of what Metra smart lockers could offer — it became clear to Randstad the best way to proceed for providing a safe and secure place for their employees to store their belongings.

Not only do Metra locks offer the type of flexibility and look that was desired — as a wired solution it was incredibly appealing to know there would never need to be any battery management. The battery-operated solution would need battery replacement, and at 700+ lockers using four batteries per lock, the Randstad team realized that was a lot of time allocated for battery replacement and money to manage an important amenity for the employees. 

The Flexibility of Wired Smart Lockers

Hamilton Casework Solutions’ laminate locker integration with Metra networked, smart lockers offers employees a streamlined and user-friendly experience that employees should come to expect when they come into the office. With various ways to access a locker — RFID employee badge, mobile credential on the phone or watch, mobile app — there is no need for employees to hassle with a 4-digit PIN or pulling on handles. 

A Hybrid Workplace Solution