Ensure your mailroom is changing to meet the modern mail age

HAMILTON Knows Mailrooms

Since our founding over 50 years ago, Hamilton has worked to keep mailrooms running efficiently — and it’s a process we’re still passionate about optimizing all these years later. 

We’ve streamlined complex mailroom systems for some of the largest corporations and universities in the county, and we’ve learned a few things. 

Mailrooms have moved from the shadows of the basement to high-traffic areas in colleges and offices — and that means that mailrooms are an extension of an office or university’s brand. That’s why we’ve augmented our standard materials and finishes with those worthy of the front of the house.

Case Study:

This new mailroom was relocated adjacent to the reception area. Now that it was positioned in prime real estate, the mailroom now needed to mirror the aesthetic and material standards reflected in the building’s existing interiors.

“Sun Communities follows the latest interior design trends, with quality products and a top-notch environment,” says Carla.
“This mailroom was not going to be anything less, despite the high traffic.”

The next generation of mailrooms...

Parcel Delivery Lockers

One way we’ve helped businesses processing high volumes of packages is to create a parcel delivery locker solution. Parcel delivery lockers are a great way to manage and distribute packages to those who live, work, and learn in buildings and offices.

Parcel lockers offer the opportunity to:

  • Make better use of your limited space by having a distinct place to hold packages until employees or residents can retrieve them
  • Create a great experience for employees or residents by letting them retrieve their packages on their own schedule
  • Reduce the time mailroom employees take to deliver packages to people who work or live in the building
  • Make sure packages are kept safe — we’ve all heard the many stories of packages going missing
  • Integrate your building technology to work with your parcel locker solution — meaning someone’s key fob or RFID card can open their door, and the locker containing the package they ordered


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