Laminate Smart Lockers

When we return to our physical workplaces, we need to rethink how we introduce interfaces that aren’t just frictionless, but also touchless. We should start by looking strategically at the various technologies already available to us.

Exchange of Goods Smart Lockers

Laminate Day-Use Smart Lockers

Frictionless and Touchless Experiences

Smart Materials

Cleaning and disinfecting strategies are critical moving, but choosing the right materials may be just as important.

Our smart lockers, coupled with the right technology, help contribute to a sanitary and safe environment.

Custom is Our Standard

Consider adding doors made of smart materials to assist in creating beautiful, secure and safe lockers.

Some of examples of the materials we can use include:

  • Antimicrobial laminates
  • Copper-infused solid surfaces and laminates
  • Antimicrobial Polymer Building Sheet
  • Phenolic Resin Sheet
  • Antimicrobial Painted Steel
  • Non-Porous Solid Surfaces

Clean, Safe Materials don't have to compromise the design of your lockers

Hamilton Laminate Lockers
Laminate Smart Lockers

Clean Touch-less Laminate Smart Lockers

It’s not just a locker…It’s part of the strategy to help employees feel safe, their belongings secure and their well-being cared for.  

Open a Locker with Mobile Access

Access your lockers with WIFI (App), Bluetooth, NFC, or even your wearable (Apple Watch).

MyMetrakey (MMK) Phone App

HID Mobile Access®

HID Mobile Access®

Modes of Operation

Centralized Touchless RFID Readers

Hamilton Laminate Lockers

Centralized Touchscreen RFID Readers

Solid Surface Lockers

RFID Reader on Doors

Laminate Smart Lockers for Exchange of Goods

Automating the secure exchange of physical goods

Workplace Exchange of Goods

Hamilton Exchange of Goods


Mail & Parcel Delivery

Smart lockers reduce time wasted by 75% when currently delivering packages to desks. Not to mention the soft benefits of interruptions (context switching) and being able to retrieve packages at your convenience.

IT Check-In / Check-Out

Allow your IT staff to exchange laptops and other IT peripherals easily and without interruption and/or contact. Lockers can be equipped with Power and Data – allowing laptops to be powered and worked-on right in the lockers. Full audit capabilities and tracing.

Laundry or Food Delivery

Allow food delivery services and restaurants to deliver food safely and securely. Provide other services and perks, such as laundry or dry cleaning services.

Learn more about how our workplace locker solutions offer the greatest flexibility for hybrid workers.