Pre-engineered design

Havasu Regional
Blueprints to Babies in 16 Weeks

Assembled in Days

For over a year Havasu Regional’s 181 beds were not enough to serve the community. The challenge was to expand with the least disruption to patient care. 

Enter prefabricated design. The extension was built offsite with all complex plumbing, electricity, HVAC, medical gases and fixed equipment fully installed and integrated. After transportation they were reassembled in a matter of days. 

Unique Casework for Unique Needs

Having developed a catalogue of innovative casework designed specifically for
healthcare applications, Hamilton takes particular pride in drawers with soft close undermounts. An important detail for reducing noise pollution, a major concern in hospitals today.

Download the full case study to read how Dr. Jerome S. Tannenbaum devised the proprietary methodology to pre- engineered design.

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