A Perfect Match

Gouverneur Healthcare
A Thoughtful Refinement Process

Clean. Functional. Efficient.

The seemingly simple, straightforward configurations created for Manhattan’s Gouverneur Healthcare Services renovation were actually the result of a thoughtful refinement process. 

As in any health facility, infection control was a major concern. Every aspect of the furniture design and manufacture was meticulously considered, from the flush mounted headboards to the legless desks for easy cleaning. 

Unique Casework for Unique Needs

The modular design of Hamilton’s casework meant that every unique need could be met. Each exam room in a particular specialty utilizes the same layout. Staff can effortlessly locate supplies from the locked cabinets time after time as they move from room to room.

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From laminate casework to laminate lockers, solid-surface reception desks to custom islands and more.
Hamilton Casework designs solutions to fit your needs.