Intelligent Parcel Lockers for University Campus

Hamilton Casework provides laminate lockers to power smart technology solutions for today’s mail challenges

We offer a wide range of locker materials to fit your needs.  We can provide antimicrobial laminates, solid surface materials and phenolic (for outdoor use).

Smart Materials can help safely, cleanly and durably reduce the time taken to process hundreds of packages received daily on campus.

Smart Parcel Lockers

Mini Case Study

UNLV has 1,800 students living on campus and roughly an enrollment of 25,000 students. Each student living on campus was receiving, on average, 2.5 packages a month totaling about 6,500 packages a month. That equates to 80,000 packages a year delivered to the residence halls each year.

Previous State:

From delivery to pick-up, each package took about 3.2 minutes of the staff’s time.  6,500 packages a month meant the staff was spending 240 hours / month.  In terms of dollars, it amounts to over $200,000 in operating costs on package management alone.

After Implementation:

341 smart lockers were installed at 9 residence halls with students being notified automatically when packages were delivered.  The whole process takes 13 seconds per package.

The 24/7 package delivery desk closed, and desks are no longer double-staffed during peak package delivery and retrieval times. At the same time, staff productivity has doubled.

Smart University Parcel Lockers

Smart Lockers

UNLV will save $73,140 each year over the next five years.

“Our students enter a social contract with the university and housing, and in that contract, they expect a unique living experience that will contribute to their personal growth and academic success. Generation Z has grown up with technology in all aspects of their lives, and a part of those expectations of the university are high-speed WiFi and other technological platforms that enhance the learning and living environment. The mail lockers, digital student ID cards, and digital keys are many examples of our efforts to create a safe and positive learning and living experience that allows students to focus on interacting with fellow residents and achieving academic success. What we have done here at UNLV is create a stressless process to receive mail that students now feel is a part of their unique experience living at UNLV.”

Warren Porter, Director of Operations at UNLV

Based on our experience, a university student will average 2 packages a month - If you use an enrollment of 10,000 students - that would be roughly 950 packages per day that a university campus would have to handle.

Cost Savings

  • Quantifiable savings in delivery processing time.
  • Integrate with mail tracking systems  – labor savings with multiple deliveries and mail tracking.
  • Eliminate package liability.
  • No longer serve as a storage facility.

Data & Analytics

Track locker utilizations, turnover and use reporting to identify stalled packages.  Use reporting to know if lockers should be moved, capacity needs to be increased or decreased.  All to help provide incredible student experiences.

Custom Solution

Indoor or Outdoor use.  We offer different materials that are both clean and durable.  Easily add graphics and signage to brand the lockers.  Our lockers come with a lifetime warranty.

To learn more about the versatile functionality of smart parcel lockers, read our Wake Forest Library case study. See how future proof innovation during unprecedented times can be done with all stakeholders in mind.

Smart Mailboxes:

Even though white mail, or letters, are in decline year-over-year, mailroom management still spends time sorting and delivering letters to student PO boxes. PO Boxes are cumbersome to maintain and oftentimes students rarely if ever, check the boxes. Less than 10% of students receive a letter (white mail) on a given day. Key management alone and replacement of keys can cost a university upwards of $5,000 a year. Keys are expensive and burdensome to administer and maintain. 

Rather than static PO boxes taking up square footage, leverage Smart Mailboxes. Adding Smart Mailboxes to Smart Lockers can ease the administrative burden, while enhancing student experience.