SMART LOCKERS: Designing for the Return-To-Office

Designing for the Return-To-Office

While implementing a return-to-office strategy for their team, this global hospitality company realized their need for secure storage to support employees on every floor. They needed a solution that easily allows them to reserve a locker for however long employees need, on their own unique schedules.

Our smart locker solution gave them appropriate locker size options, access card capabilities, custom data reporting, and set cleaning schedules.

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I think this is a way employees can have secure storage for their personal items. Lockers are key to reserving your workstation because they usually have storage in those places. People work on multiple floors, so they can come in and grab a locker on whatever floor, at any time. It doesn’t restrict them from moving around.”

Current Employee

In collaborating, we were able to work through:


The team was able to provide two locker sizes that supported employees’ needs so they have room to store both large and small items.


All employees can reserve a locker with their access card – and for however long they need. Some employees will need a locker for just a day, and others a week or more. The smart lockers were set up so employees can reserve a locker for up to a year.


Originally, the data only had a pie chart that showed the percentage of lockers that were being used, but they wanted to see more than just that. So, since reporting can be customizable, they now can see exactly which employees were using the lockers along with the percentage of employees in the office that use them, giving them a better idea of the way their team works.


They also set the time on when their smart lockers need to be cleaned to every 2 weeks. This makes it easy for the cleaning crew to prioritize and track the cleanliness of the smart lockers.

A New Return-To-Office Solution