Global Textiles Leader
Creates on-the-fly brainstorming and impromptu meetings with storage

Every great design starts with an even better story

When it came time to redesign their corporate headquarters, this textiles company knew it wanted the building’s interior to be sustainable and functional — but they also wanted it to look modern and clean for the many partners and collaborators that would be taken through tours of the company’s offices and design rooms.

The client team liked the quality of the closet mockups so much that they asked to have the tables in their workshops with another tackable surface — a cork top — to eliminate textiles constantly slipping off desks and making it more efficient to work with several types of textiles at a time.

A New Modular Workplace Storage
Modular Wall Design

Hamilton Casework Solutions and the local dealer, Modern Office Systems, designed closets with a variety of shelf sizes and sliding doors covered with tackable panels, working with the client every step of the way until their product designers had everything they wanted for the closets.

From standard casework to tackable, modular walls, let’s talk about your potential project.