Your spaces and places — redefined with storage.

From laminate casework to laminate lockers, solid-surface reception desks to custom islands and more.

Custom Storage for:

Explore our custom storage solutions for a variety of applications

Regardless of your storage need — it will be built to work for you.

Storage. It’s something that’s always seemed fixed — until now. With our modular, component-centric, plug-and-play approach, creating a workplace that makes productivity possible is closer than you think.

It’s possible because HAMILTON has history and experience with modular casework. Because of our knowledge, what’s typically thought of as custom is simply our standard. We understand the needs and desires of today’s people-first spaces — and we work with you to create a design to match.

Featured Solution

Laminate Lockers

The Hybrid Office

Many questions are still left unanswered when it comes to heading back into the office post pandemic. However, with the right tools and knowledge of the available options for your workspace — we can prepare with a smart and flexible strategy for a hybrid work environment.

Looking for Storage Solutions for the Office?

Learn more about how our Workplace Laminate Lockers play a variety of roles in a modern workplace strategy.

Modular Work Centers

Workplace Islands & Work Centers

You never know when — and where — you’ll need to collaborate. Our custom islands and work centers are built with this in mind, meaning you have functional storage, a quick-change solution, and aesthetic appeal all in one.

Modular Walls

Workplace Modular Walls

Walls were meant to be moved. With our Modular Wall solution, walls, dividers, and partitions can be configured and adapted to meet the needs of your business — and your team.

Featured Story:

Creative Workplace:
People-First Space Design

Our modular, component-centric design helped bring to life this modular commercial structure. This collapsible satellite branch in a cube allows for a fully functioning office branch, from an office, to a teller line and even the integration of the ITM, check-writing desk and vault all right within a company’s headquarters. 

The partnership and design, allows for the ultimate people-first, bank-at-work program.

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Are You Considering Smart Materials?

As we begin to adjust, materials that contribute to a safe, sanitary and aesthetically pleasing environment are more important than ever.

The pandemic has us reconsidering not only the spaces we share but also the materials that are used, that we might not have thought about in the past. We are able to offer you a variety of materials for your project, whether that’s for your lockers, reception desks, pantries, lab equipment, and more. Below is a list of these types of materials: 

  • TFL & HPL
  • Antimicrobial laminates
  • Copper-infused solid surfaces and laminates
  • Antimicrobial Polymer Building Sheet
  • Phenolic Resin Sheet
  • Glass
  • HDPE
  • Non-Porous Solid Surfaces
Laminate Smart Lockers

Clean, safe materials don't have to compromise design.

Glass Door Temporary Use Lockers

Featured Laminates WilsonArt LUJO Collection

The Workplace Transformation

In response to the way businesses need to consider doing things differently, we’ve designed this page (and the download) to share ideas and insights of our component-centric products that can help further create reconfigurable and non-permanent spaces for employees to work. 

Custom doesn't have to be complicated

Our standard casework solutions give you the foundation you need to create the ideal spaces and places for employees. We believe when you have the right building blocks, custom isn’t so complex.

Want to learn more about how to create a custom space out of our standard pieces? Drop us a line about your latest project.