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The versatility of HAMILTON products and processes is never more apparent than in work room and copy room applications. Typically the designer or dealer is planning toward very particular work performed in the space. HAMILTON can build to your specifications. We offer pieces like:

+  Worksurfaces at optimal height
Locked storage for expensive supplies and open storage sized to fit a copier model
Cabinet shelves for printers that slide the printer out when in use

We can also build specific units like:

A work table with storage and a component to hold bolts of fabric
A freestanding 36" closets with personalized interior storage composed of interchangeable hanging bars, cubbies and a sliding front door covered in tackable material with matching edge banding

We can manufacture a satellite workspace that occupies a place of prominence in the office and needs to meet superior functional and design requirements or a whole room that supports a mailroom. HAMILTON has extensive experience and expertise in building task-specific casework that suits the needs of the space.
HAMILTON Signature Features
The configuration of this work room was designed to facilitate specific tasks. HAMILTON can build casework like vertical storage and a hexagram-shaped corner workspace, that supports the performance of those tasks and optimizes the space available.   HAMILTON copy room casework can be multi-purpose. This attractive system sits adjacent to a copier, individual open offices and a number of casual booths for eating. The work surface and storage can serve all three areas of activity and fits in comfortably with the high design aesthetic of the office.   HAMILTON work islands have a number of different applications. In this copy room, the island offers generous work surface and additional open storage.    
Food Quartz
HAMILTON handles specials with ease. We provided a match to the restaurant chain's brand standards for casework in the international division's work storage room, mail/fax areas and IT work room. The special red quartz countertops duplicate the counters employed in their 1,000+ restaurant locations.