Hamilton Casework Solutions
Grand Entrances
HAMILTON has built a solid reputation for constructing innovative casework storage systems in a variety of applications. We also build dramatic statement pieces.

Some of the best minds in the business for turning dream designs into reality work at HAMILTON. Our design team has extensive experience collaborating with the client. Our factory floor is steps away from their studio. Working closely with the shop, they can develop a practical plan to achieve your design. Our flexible manufacturing processes give us the capability to build custom pieces employing unique materials. HAMILTON’s front-of-house constructions enjoy the same benefits as our back-of-house:

+  If your company grows or changes address, this reception area can be moved, expanded and recongifured.
We offer many strategies for infection control in materials and construction.
All of our casework is backed by a lifetime guarantee. If one of the components becomes worn or damaged, that piece can be replaced without tearing down the whole structure.
We can match brand or school colors.
Our sustainability experts can help you meet LEED, GREENGUARD and OSHPD performance standards using our products.
+  We will address workflow optimization when planning the details of the design. Let us help you create spaces that inspire and perform!
HAMILTON Signature Features
HAMILTON provided a match to this restaurant chain's red quartz countertops for the international division corporate headquarters.   HAMILTON was asked to build a reception station to match the calm, natural aesthetic of this cancer center during renovation of the building. The attached table on the left is designed specifically for wheel chair access. Once the construction is completed, the reception area will be moved to its "permanent" position upstairs in another part of the building.   The curve of the casework matches the soffit above. Our kick plates allow sheet flooring to be applied right to the face creating a smooth cleaning surface and eliminating capillary action where mold and mildew can grow.    
Not Just a Pretty Face
High Functionality for this cancer center reception station, HAMILTON ran electric and ethernet cable raceways inside the reception structure. Employees enjoy generous work surfaces and convenient connections without wires cluttering the space. Maintenance staff has easy access to the raceway through the removable panels in the front.