Hamilton Casework Solutions
Promote Healing
HAMILTON offers a number of features and options to make caring environments easier for clinicians and their patients. To enjoy the full benefits of Hamilton expertise, bring us into your project early. We can help you solve some of the puzzles you face in completing successsful medical projects.

The design of the Chinatown patient room pictured above and in the large photo below looks deceptively simple. The rooms required careful planning and attention to detail. The highly functional configuration for almost 300 patient rooms features

+  A closet with a bottom drawer for room linens plus another drawer and rod for the patient’s personal items
A sconce which may be moved between the bed and the writing table
A headwall which acts as an anchor for the casework and protects the wall
An ingenious, legless writing table

We also have strategies for combating infection. Like all Hamilton casework, the exposed edges have been sealed with durable PVC banding. Our kick plates allow sheet flooring to be applied right to the face, creating a smooth cleaning surface and eliminating capillary action where mold and mildew can grow.
HAMILTON Signature Features
An angled panel in this ADA compliant sink protects patients from hot pipes. The removable panel permits easy access to plumbing by maintenance personnel.   A unique bracket system developed by Hamilton engineers anchors this bedside writing table to the headboard wall. Eliminating table legs facilitates wheelchair access and frequent mopping. HAMILTON experts are always available to consult on projects.   Some of the patient room sinks in this Arizona hospital are equipped with pedals for hands-free control of water.    
Exotic Locales
Hamilton casework can now be found in hospitals across the world. This casegoods system is in a patient room in Kuwait. HAMILTON’s design studio is helping to plan the special suites to accommodate visits from the royal family and their entourage. For the royalty suites‘ maternity ward, curtains, bedding and even the nurses’ uniforms are determined by the new baby’s gender.