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HAMILTON can make open wall cabinets that house your model of microwave precisely. We can make base cabinets with steel toe kicks that stand up to repeated washing and allow you to stand close to the counter when you make your coffee. We can make cabinet doors with frosted glass that suggest their contents but hide clutter.

We can also take it a step further. We can help you construct break rooms and pantries that streamline coffee and food preparation. We can help you create spaces where people want to gather and share ideas. We have the expertise and manufacturing capabilities to build a hospital or office cafe that is just one of a palette of places where employees will want to choose to work.

We build pantries for hospitals, universities, offices and fire houses. Our in-house design team and flexible manufacturing processes allow us to develop personalized solutions for each application. Our experts can help you every step of the process starting with the initial planning. We are dedicated to giving you the perfect fit, every time.
HAMILTON Signature Features
The architect chose HAMILTON for this fire house kitchen because it required commercial grade durability. Our products have earned a reputation for durability and all HAMILTON casework is backed by a lifetime guarantee.   HAMILTON's casework for this hospital pantry is the perfect match for the components that we built for their patient rooms, nurses stations and reception area. HAMILTON's comprehensive solutions means that you can have a consistent look and level of quality throughout your facility.   This cafe style lounge features work surfaces of double layered Corian and oversized backsplashes.    
Precise Production
The plans for this physician’s lounge followed weeks of observation and impromptu meetings with clinicians by the designer. She had explicit requirements for the room to streamiline food production, and store equipment and materials while creating a space that was warm and welcoming. HAMILTON worked with the designer combining standard pieces and hardware with custom details to fulfill her vision.