Hamilton Casework Solutions
Efficient and Caring Environment
HAMILTON offers a number of tools to aid infection control: All of our casegoods have sealed exposed edges that eradicate capillary action where mold and bacteria can grow. All of our drawers are easily removed for cleaning

Work islands can also be equipped with the following:

+  Choice of bacterial-resistant solid surfacing with integrated sink bowl
Raceways for ethernet and electric wiring and plumbing
Vinyl wrapped drawers that are easy to clean and eliminate the crevices for bacteria
Soft closed drawers that close tightly and reduce sound levels
Custom finishes, lighting and other components
+  Non-permeable powder coated and stainless steel kick plates

We build highly functioning work islands that put supplies, electricity and water at the clinicians’ fingertips. We also make reception style nurses stations featuring generous, wire-free worksurfaces. Our nurses stations support the way nurses work.
HAMILTON Signature Features
For a clinic in Uganda, components were built at the Hamilton plant in Ohio and then dispatched with a Hamilton team to manage the install onsite. HAMILTON supplied all of the casegoods for the medical center including this nurses station.   This base of this nurses station in Kuwait is backlit to facilitate wayfinding at night. In the last year, HAMILTON has worked on projects in Uganda, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.   This nurses station, with ready sink and electrical outlets, is positioned right outside the patient’s room. Stations like this one line the hallways of this hospital ward in Nevada.    
High Performance
This island features with two identical work areas with integrated sinks. Complex wiring and plumbing is housed inside the island. Clinicians enjoy clean, easy access to electricity through covered outlets on the surface. Floor pedals activate the water for hands-free operation. Kick plates allow sheet flooring to be applied right to the face, creating a smooth cleaning surface and eliminating capillary action where mold and mildew can grow.