Hamilton Casework Solutions
The Lab of Your Dreams
HAMILTON products meet the safety, security and storage needs of modern research and teaching labs. We offer the options and capabilities to build high performance and precise work spaces.

+  Cabinets can be constructed in any measurement to accommodate specific equipment and supplies. Classroom setups may need to be changed several times a day. Place your teaching materials within easy reach with cabinets designed to your specifications.

Locked glass doors allow you to see the contents while keeping hazardous supplies and expensive equipment secure. Students can be given personal storage in the classroom with locked casework drawers and cabinets.

HAMILTON's ultra chemical resistant and durable phenolic resin is the worksurface of choice for today’s labs.

Raceways built into work islands and base cabinets house Ethernet, electrical and plumbing pathways. The raceways are easily accessible to maintenance personnel, but keep work areas free of visible wires and plumbing.

With our custom capabilities, we can build the lab of your dreams. We did just that for a renowned Ph.D. at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Having a HAMILTON lab built to his specifications was part of his enticement package in moving to the university.
Hamilton Signature Features
Angled tops on these custom pass-through cabinets with glass doors are easier to keep clean than flat tops. Electrical wiring is run through raceways housed inside the cabinet and facilitate nine outlets per island.   The lab technician who teaches classes in this chemical lab had a hand in its design. The work islands provide personalized space for up to four pairs of students. On the island, each pair has their own access to RO water, air, gases, vacuum and sink along with drawers that hold all of the tools for the students in their order of use for the course.   This college bio lab classroom features integrated sinks. The panel under the sink provides protection from hot pipes. The panels are easily removed by university personnel for maintenance.    
Fully Equipped
Each student at this lab in Dallas has their own locked cabinet space with dimensions that perfectly fit their microscope and drawers for other supplies. Base cabinets with sinks and upper cabinets line one long wall of the classroom. The instructor’s desk is actually a long work island equipped with storage and a sink. Aluminum framed consoles on wheels transport equipment from classroom to classroom.