Hamilton Casework Solutions
  Frequently Asked Questions  
  What is modular casework?

Our product is designed and manufactured in discreet components by precise, state-of-the machinery. The casework has a built in look, but the components remain intact after installation. They can be reconfigured and repurposed if needs change in the future. All plans are digitally archived.

Is Hamilton Casework Solutions a manufacturing firm?

Our manufacturing facilities sit in a campus of buildings in the Midwest that includes a design studio, sustainability experts, project managers and engineers. All of us work in tandem. If there is a question about the feasibility of a design, for example, one of our designers can walk out to the factory floor and consult directly with the HAMILTON employees who make our product. Your project will be assigned to a team of people who are each experts in their field. We will collaborate closely to ensure that your solution is the perfect fit.

Where can I buy HAMILTON products?

HAMILTON casework is sold through a national network of dealer partners. All of our dealers have been chosen because of their expertise and integrity. They share HAMILTON’s long-term commitment to the customer.

I have never managed a hospital pharmacy/mailroom/university lab construction before. What is the process?

HAMILTON has extensive experience producing casework solutions for office, medical and education environments. We have a team of experts who will help you every step of the way. It is best to engage us as soon as possible starting in the planning stage of the project.

I do not see exactly what I need in your online catalogue. Can you make specials?

Our casework is built in response to customer requests. We have an extensive standard line of casework products that we have manufactured many times from raw materials that we keep on hand. Those pieces are the best value for our customer. However, we can also make custom casework and/or use custom materials to fit a specific need. We offer a wide range of detailing and accessories that will tailor our casework to your specific requirements.

Often one of our standard items can be modified to fill a custom request and stay within budget. Our design consultants can help you navigate all of your options.

Our work space is in use 24/7. How long will it take to install the casework for our renovation?

Because we manufacture the modular components in our factory before they are shipped, our installations can be achieved with minimal work disruption. Our methods also greatly reduce the noise and dust pollution usually associated with construction. Our installers are HAMILTON certified veterans of the industry.

What if my casework becomes damaged? Can it be replaced?

HAMILTON has been in business for over 50 years. Our products have a reputation for durability and come with a lifetime warranty. If they do become worn or damaged, we will replace them. Our products are manufactured precisely and the design plans are archived electronically. We will be able to provide an exact reproduction. Because it is a modular product, only the damaged component will need to be replaced.