Hamilton Casework Solutions
Precision in a Caring Environment
HAMILTON has a lot of experience building systems for the caring environment. We know that you are considering the general concerns inherent in any workspaces. You want the space to align with the organization’s culture and business objectives. You want to support efficient workflows. In healthcare, you are also dealing with issues like infection control, advancing technology and security. You may even be trying to apply principals from hospitality or grant requirements into your design.

We understand these issues and we have answers.

+  We offer material and structuring options that minimize mold and bacterial growth even in unseen areas. All edges in our casegoods are sealed with durable PVC. Worksurfaces can be constructed from stainless steel and phenolic resin. We provide non-permeable powder coated steel and stainless steel kick plates.

Our casework is modular, so it can be moved and repurposed to accommodate new equipment purchases.

We offer key and digital lock choices on our doors and drawers.

Our flexible manufacturing processes and expert consultants are at your disposal. We have the capability to produce definitive solutions that suit your needs.
HAMILTON Signature Features
These stainless steel worksurfaces in a hospital emergency room are flame retardant and offer superior corrosion and bacterial resistance.   The casework in each of the exam rooms in each department of this hospital in Chinatown is identical. Clinicians can move from room to room with confidence, knowing that supplies will be located where they expect them.   HAMILTON digital lock systems provide a high level of security for hospital narcotics and expensive supplies. The lock combinations may be changed with ease by administrators and there are no keys to track.    
Rigorous Standards
HAMILTON manufactured identical casework for over 180 exam rooms at this hospital. All of our casework is manufactured with state-of-the art saws and the plans are archived digitally. We can replace and expand our components with precision.