Hamilton Casework Solutions
Havasu Regional Medical Center
For over a year, Havasu Regional Medical Center analyzed options to address the growth challenges facing their 181-bed hospital in Arizona. The facility was turning ICU patients away every month due to lack of room. How could they expand with the least disruption to patient care? Labor and Delivery stood in the way of ICU’s natural extension.

Enter Sanderling Healthcare with a unique solution. Sanderling designs and constructs acute care hospital buildings offsite with all complex plumbing, electricity, HVAC, medical gases and fixed equipment fully installed and integrated. These pre-engineered sections are then transported to the facility and reassembled in a matter of days. By starting with Sanderling’s pre-engineered designs, Sanderling had a plan for a new wing of the hospital to house Labor and Delivery in three short meetings with hospital stakeholders. “We were issued permits on January 4th and went from blueprints to babies in 16 weeks,” says Sanderling Executive Vice President Deborah Tannenbaum. “By April 15 we called for the final licensing inspections by the state of Arizona and by May 5 the department had moved into the new wing. Three babies were delivered on May 5th.”
Dr. Jerome S. Tannenbaum devised proprietary methodology after building dialysis clinics in rural areas. Thirty years ago, “patients in small towns had to be driven up to 90 miles each way, three times a week, for dialysis that lasted four hours. By bringing right-sized dialysis clinics closer to their homes, patients could access this life-saving treatment.” However, small town trades lacked the experience to build the complicated facilities. Using this prefabrication process, Dr. Tannenbaum has developed dozens of dialysis clinics and later hospitals at a fraction of the traditional cost, time and impact on the environment.

Sanderling found an engineering and manufacturing partner in Hamilton Casework Solutions. Together they developed a catalogue of innovative casework designed specifically for healthcare applications. “We think of the catalogue as our own. That way we do not have to start from scratch for each project,” says Deborah. Visually pleasing and ADA approved angled casework houses plumbing under the sink. Solid surfaces with integrated sinks and laminate cabinets provide superior infection control. HAMILTON’s renowned drawers with soft close undermounts are especially popular. “Noise pollution is a major concern in today’s hospitals,” says Deborah. “The soft close feature is an important part of how we reduce noise in the hospitals we build. And our clients love them!”